Body Positivity in the Gay and Bear Communities

By September 17, 2020October 7th, 2020One Comment

As men, and especially as gay men, our body goals are often unrealistic based on portrayals from traditional media, instagram influencers (thots) and whoever is starring in the most recent Calvin Klein ad.

Being thicc with 2 c’s is a good thing. That’s why Chanel picked them.

Here at bearslooking.com we are firm (read: rock hard) believers that big is beautiful. Not only are big boys usually good cuddlers, they’re personal heaters during the winter. And who doesn’t like snacks?!

Now, of course we want our users to be healthy (post about feeders, stuffing, and vore to follow!) but having a lil more cushin’ for the pushin’ doesn’t necessarily mean unhealthy. You can be healthy and happy and still be curvy and a big boy. Take it from yours truly, who actively works out every day, but still couldn’t fit into a pair of 34″ jeans if her life depended on it.

Big boy booty workout: equal parts stairclimber/lunges and standing in front of the fridge.

This post is all about body positivity and embracing the body that Goddess Cher gave you!

One Comment

  • GingerBearJames77 says:

    Body means many different ways to be beautiful not from the outside in but from the inside out when you’re beautiful and attractive on the outside and and you get attention yet your inner part when you talk to be positive yet live disappointed and such when you’re body then become a peice to work when the old saying that that person is a piece of work you treat the matter negatively about that person but when inside of your self then your thoughts don’t have to tell your story the person doesn’t matter who or what you are then to look at yourself in the mirror daily and say then don’t mean what you say to someone else then you can look down on the person negatively or lift them up and say hi and give a hug if they need we all need hugs now do to all of roads you can not judge the person like book or such then you need too consider to speak different and or say apologize and then make a person feel better and loved and such and not just by body appearance it is action too to be taking on your self and others who watch your posts to your body language and what you are saying bout yourself too and what is your interest and what is next step in the journey or life when life send you destruction then tolerate yet if body wants to rejection and repels and you don’t have to keep being a target unless you like to be one of you enjoy being looked at as a sex object your allowed to have that if you want friends look different if you’re body wants to show off then you can allow yourself but it’s your body and life I’m not here to critical thinking I just educated myself to be safe and such not allow myself to be a sex object just to be used and abuse yet I am doing it against my will and such that I love to be flattered I just wanted to let others know that you can open up something that you might be positive yet you still can get injury or hurt just wanted to be honest and open and clear I do think we should be body positive yet we still see ourselves as what we want or need I am completely comfortable with myself and such yet a victim of identity theft and human trafficking and domestic partner/violence and bashed and such I’m love the blogs aj keep up the good work and I thank you

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