We’re all born naked and the rest is… trying to find ways to constantly stay naked.

At least if you are a gay man. Gay men love being naked more than Liza Minnelli loves marrying them. But this isn’t always the case for everyone. Not all of us are comfortable enough to take it off. Some of us deal with body issues, being shy, or being uncomfortable in our own skin. This can come from years of bullying, abuse, traumatizing experiences in the junior high gym locker room (gay gasp!) or looking different from society’s strict and often unattainable standards of beauty. And that sucks. But not in a good way.

Sometimes it’s hard (read: throbbing) to overcome stigmas or things we ‘hate’ about our bodies. It seems like we’re always too fat or not muscular enough or too short and life would be perfect if we were only a tad taller or had a 6-pack or looked like that one guy in the gym showers…

Sometimes going back to basics is the most liberating activity to break down barriers. Being nude can be liberating and relaxing, but most only ever do it in their own home. Maybe we share an intimate moment with a partner in a steamy shower or in the boudoir. Most of us have never had the opportunity to take it off and be naked in a non-sexual environment with others. But clothing option hotels, nudist resorts, or even nude pool parties can be freeing. This experience can be terrifying at first, especially with self-image issues. But that quickly falls away along with your caftan or sarong. Depending on your comfort level, these environments can be a fun learning experience with a loved one, a close friend, or alone.

There are locales around the globe that offer a clothing optional or nude experience. Greece, Thailand, France, and many places in the US such as Palm Springs, Ft. Lauderdale, and Phoenix offer various options for gay getaways to express your nudity.

These can be found on various sites such as misterbandb.com

Peace Blue Naiharn Naturist Resort, Phuket Thailand

Body image issues can come from hiding behind clothing, and not being ourselves openly. Nothing is healthier than being your honest self and social nudity can be healing. That cannot happen behind clothing. We need to ‘strip’ away the excess to reveal our true selves. See what I did there?   We are human and we are all both flawed and perfect at the same time, okurrrr! We need to normalize body acceptance and prevent feeling ashamed.

Alexander’s Guest House, Key West

‘Get Naked’ isn’t just a seminal hit off Britney Spears’ Blackout album: That’s an order!


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