Bears Looking survey shows men are eager for post pandemic dinner, meetups, and playtime!

A new survey from Bears Looking, the website for bears and those who love them, has shown that men’s interests have stayed the same even with a global pandemic that’s bigger than our founder’s ass. Once case numbers go down and a sense of normalcy return post pandemic, it’s time to safely get out and do what our community does best: eat, drink, hang out, and practice sodomy!

Safety comes first. (Well, second. Let’s be honest. I come first. Good boy. You can come second. OK SAFETY COMES THIRD.) According to a research study done by Growlr, “70% of respondents said that they intend to receive one form of the covid-19 vaccine, while nearly 23% said that they have already had it. Only a small margin currently say they are not interested in receiving it, but hopefully they reconsider.”

Our survey asked, “What’s the one thing you’re most excited to get back doing as COVID cases drop?”. It revealed that over two-thirds of respondents want to meet up with handsome bears like those from Bears Looking or enjoy a meal at a restaurant with friends.

Others said they want to go to bear events, travel, get back to their local bear bar, and see live entertainment. (Hello, Gaga? Chromatica Ball?)

As the pandemic is starting to wane and we see signs of reopening at local businesses and establishments (please see our previous blog entry on bathhouses and clothing optional resorts!), we’re hoping for some good news about the return of bear bars and bear runs. We’ll be reporting more on the return of bars and events over the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Food and playdates are two of the most important things in any bears life, and it seems safe to say that the pandemic hasn’t changed their priorities! The bears will be back on the hunt as soon as it’s safe!

It’s definitely been a difficult year, and we thank you for your patience, flexibility, and are eager to see you out and about. Party!

Bears Looking is the social networking app for lgbtq bears & those who love them. Connect, meet, date, and hookup with guys in your area, and chat with others around the world.


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