Y’all knew this post was coming.

Could we really write a bear blog and not do a post that wasn’t dedicated to my everyone’s favorite subject: food?

Impossible. Blasphemous. Homophobic.

Get it girl.

Most of us in the bear community love to eat. Maybe a little too much. Feeders, anyone? Vore? Uh oh. That’s for another post. That passion for food usually goes hand in hand with a desire to be inside… the kitchen. Many of us love to cook, too. And that of course includes baking. Oh, and sauté, braise, broil, fry, roast, grill, smoke…. The list goes on – It’s not often I make your mouth water with these articles, it’s usually your pants I’m trying to make wet!

We asked members of our Bears Looking Facebook group what their favorite things to make/bake/eat were and why. We also asked what’s popular, how have you enhanced a recipe to make it better, readers’ favorite food gatherings, favorite dishes to make for the hubby or a potluck, and the answers were a real smörgåsbord.

To the tables, everybody, and stuff yourselves!

CHEEKY comments about “eating cakes” and “cream filled” and certain sausage shaped body parts aside, the wide array of responses seemed to be equally in favor of both salty and savory, and sticky and sweet. Sorry, Madonna.

Watch your man. I’m out there.

As expected, many of the bears who contributed shared recipes for pies, casseroles, loaf macaroni and cheese(??) and dishes that made huge helpings that would feed a family of one four or more.

One creative individual took a classic muffin recipe, altered ingredients like spices and various fruits, both fresh and dried, and created a completely different decadent dessert each time.

Rumbly in my tumbly.

Another focused more on family traditions, especially with the upcoming holiday season. They detailed the past “33 years spending the night at my grandma’s house on Thanksgiving Eve (even as an adult with my own child) so we could get up early together and cook a Thanksgiving meal for the rest of the family.”

Better than sex.

One user, The Daily Gay Chef, was kind enough to share his Carbonara recipe with us (above) complete with homemade pasta! (FYI, this is my favorite pasta dish, for any of you out there attempting to woo me over. So far Daily Gay Chef is in the lead; call me) His recipe can be found here on his Facebook, and he has an Instagram with tons of beautiful mouthwatering photos and recipes listed. Gorgeous food porn, definitely wank worthy.

Wanna watch me swallow something whole?

Thanks, Jigglypuff. I literally have two modes. Horny and hungry. Sometimes both pop up simultaneously. Along with a third thing. Thanks for keeping your pants on and humoring me with the hungry PORTION of this post. It may not be as sexy as some of my others, but it was juuuuuuust right.

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