Hey all, it’s everyone’s favorite gossip grrrr, Carrie Bear-Shaw. We’ve been getting a lot of messages on our site bearslooking.com on various classifications in the lgbtq+ bear community and how to identify. At the end of the day, labels don’t matter, because you were born this way baby! And you can be anything you want to be, JUST DON’T BE LATE FOR DINNER.


What is a gay bear? A bear is a gay man who is bulky, big, and hairy. He may have facial hair, be partial to plaid.  A cuddly body is a must, and a big appetite is even better. However, ‘bear’ can mean different things, even within the community. A gay man does not have to have all the above features to define themself as a bear, and above else attitude is most important. An embracing of your natural masculinity or femininity, and a confidence in your own skin, or fur, is desired above all.

Gay Bear


Do you love big, beefy, hairy men, but may not be one yourself? You may be considered a chaser. A chaser is usually an average weight male who is attracted to stocky, chubby, or heavier men. Sometimes, like likes like, and a chaser can be a bigger guy himself, who is just attracted to a similar body type.


Ah, those cute cuddly sea mammals, lean and furry, who hold hands while they sleep. A man who is hairy (but not heavy set or husky) and is usually thinner or with lean muscle.


Take a look at the diagram below. It shows an otter and a wolf cohabitating peacefully in the same environment. National Geographic never made me want to unzip my pants like this before. A wolf is a more toned or lean version of an otter, with an athletic or muscular build.

Muscular Build Gay


A cub, put plainly, is a younger version of a bear. And cubs can put it plainly in/and/or around me any day. They may not be as hairy as their older evolution, but give it time, young man. Puberty is on your side. Sometimes the term cub may be used to refer to the passive partner in a relationship, but who are we to judge?

Daddy Bear

An older bear, (hopefully) extra furry. Someone who will take care of you. Wrap his big many arms around you at night and kiss your forehead and tell you “I love you, boy.” If my writing isn’t projecting, idk what is.

Older Bear

Muscle Bear

A muscle bear is a bear with beef. Confused yet? 😉 Muscle bears are big and bulky, hairy and sometimes bearded, and can range anywhere from a linebacker or rugby build to bodybuilder.

Polar Bear

An older bear whose fur has turned white. Duh.  This can pertain to a hairy white chest, a hairy white beard, or salt and pepper around the temples… Now I’m projecting again.


A person who is sexually turned on by the fantasy or reality of gaining weight, be it muscle or fat. Gainers can be accompanied by chasers, or feeders, who love to stuff gainers and help them grow or coach them. Instant gainers can enjoy stuffings, inflations, or role play, and long term gainers enjoy a slow growth through regular feedings or gym visits.


Chubby (chubbies/chubs)

Not always hairy or associated with the bear community, but sometimes they overlap. Chubs are gay men who are overweight or obese. Who doesn’t love a little more to hold on to?

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